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Welcome to the first blog to emanate from the newly established Smart Health IOW team, based at the West Wight Chiropractic Clinic. We hope to amuse you with our musings, stimulate you with our philosophies, tantalise you with our teachings and bless you with our wisdom (to be taken with a pinch of salt)!


Here is the first and probably most important bit of information:

People often come to us when they are in pain and expect us to fix them! In reality, our obligation is to do our best to educate, empower and support them in their journey back to a better level of function.

The body is an amazing self-healing mechanism, but sometimes it gets a bit stuck or out of balance. The work that we do hopefully allows our patients to get back on track, thus enabling self management, greater self awareness, increased mobility and the restoration of wellbeing.

Hopefully, with that comes better health. It’s the Smarter and more sustainable option.


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